Case studie
Organizing and optimizing the financial
balance of a scientific conference.

Created in 1972, 3AF is the French Learned Society of Aeronautics and Space. Its purpose is to advance and promote aerospace science and technology. Its activity is largely linked to that of industry and research, that is to say in France to that of the aeronautical and space industries and associated high technologies. 3AF is also in close contact with government agencies and services. Within the framework of its missions, 3AF organizes in particular each year several symposia and scientific conferences of European scope bringing together scientists, researchers and manufacturers to share their work and advances in the sector. Some of these events can bring together up to 600 participants from all over the world.

The activities of 3AF are managed by a small team of permanent staff based in Paris and numerous volunteers scattered throughout France. The conferences are the subject of a specific organization, involving a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) to support the logistical coordination of this conference. The scale of these events and the associated strategic challenges indeed require an appropriate “combat team”. It is in this context that La Creative Boutique consultants have been involved for several years now, as a recurring partner on several of the major conferences organized by 3AF. The following Case Study analyses more specifically the case of THE SPACE PROPULSION CONFERENCE.


The SPACE PROPULSION conference, organized by the Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France in close collaboration with European national space agencies, is the international forum which supports the roadmaps in all areas of space propulsion. The event program highlights technical and programmatic issues and encourages the exchange of views and information in the two main areas of spacecraft propulsion and space transport.

Every two years, more than 700 professionals from more than 30 countries attend, bringing together engineers and scientists from governments, academia and industry.

This event is a unique opportunity to discover innovative solutions and to set up fruitful exchanges between colleagues from different countries and disciplines.
For the last 3 editions (Cologne in 2014, Rome in 2016, Seville in 2018), 3AF has been accompanied by La Creative Boutique consultants to organize this conference, the largest in their portfolio. This scientific conference includes for 3AF important strategic, financial and image issues. Nothing can be left to chance. And it is precisely to ensure the success of the event that it calls on the expertise of a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) to support each phase of design and operational implementation of the project.


+ Venue search

+ Budget balancing through the search for sponsors and / or exhibitors

+ Optimization of logistics coordination

+ Professionalization of the relationship with participants

+ Search for the best technical partners

+ Implementing social network promotion and new technologies

+ Taking a step back to question and improve




Well, by delegating logistics to its partner La Créative Boutique, 3AF can devote its time and energy to the quality of the content: setting up an attractive program, attracting key speakers, selecting the right papers and organizing them to offer an attractive program.

This is the essence of a successful congress, and the heart of 3AF’s added value. Teamwork is the basis of this collaboration, with La Créative Boutique consultants who join the 3AF working group and become their logistical and organizational arm.

“Aim for the moon, at worst, we will land in the stars” … this is a quote from Oscar Wilde that suits us well as the objective reiterated each year for this aerospace congress that we enjoy supporting alongside 3AF.