5 steps to optimize
your virtual events

Hello, I’m Jennifer Savina, Associate Director of LA CREATIVE BOUTIQUE, an event consulting agency. For more than 15 years, I have supported professionals in the organization of their events (conferences, tradeshows, seminars, product launches, etc.) with a specialization in international events.

Virtual events – the revolution of events during the COVID-19 crisis.
In the past decade, professional events have become more and more digital, and included virtual tools to traditional events, making them more and more interatcive.
… but with the COVID-19 crisis, this digital trend is doing much more than accelerating, it’s a real revolution taking place in our sector.
Virtual events are a real alternative offered to companies which – even in times of restriction as currently – must continue to communicate with their teams, their customers, their prospects. With many tradeshows and conferences being canceled or post-poned, virtual events are a great way to ride this wave and drive your communication strategy. Your client’s cannot come see you ? No problem, you’ll come to them… virtually!!

Creating your virtual event in 5 steps

There are many different formats of virtual events. It can range from a videoconference bringing together 10 members of a team to brainstorm on a subject, to a virtual conference offering webinars of ten speakers to thousands of online visitors. The virtual event can be broadcasted live or in replay, be free of charge or require a attendee fee, open to everyone or limited to your most loyal customers. It’s up to you to define the framework of the virtual event you wish to organize, according to your communication objectives. The choice of the technical media (or platform) will follow…. but in a second step.

I have identified 5 key steps to make your virtual event a success:
Step 1:
Define your game plan – your strategy: who I will talk to, what I will tell them and how, where and when I will broadcast.
Step 2:
make the good technical choicess: choose your braodcasting platform according to your objectives and your audience. There is no second chance on the technical level.
Step 3:
produce quality content, in substance and form (Internet users having a clear preference for video) and above all think carefully about how you will interact with your audiences(surveys, live questions, chatbox…)
Step 4:
Implement an effective marketing strategy to attract visitors to your event
Step 5:
don’t forget the conclusion, set up a post-event follow-up with your audience and evaluate your own KPIs.

3 tips for a successful virtual event

In my opinion, 3 points to keep in mind to organize a virtual event:
– Offer quality content: in substance and form. This will make the difference with others. This Is the reason why people will come to see you virtual avent.
– Always focus on interactivity, me the people behind their screens actors and not just spectators.This will make them stay focused.
– Prepare well, repeat, test, train your teams.


Want to discuss this further ? Need a partner to create your next online event? Get in touch !! Hope to talk soon in virtual or real life !!