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Organizing an optimized custom-made internal seminar interne
Altera Group is an operational consulting company, leveraging around fifty consultants, employees and partners, in the Paris and in Hauts-de-France regions. A large majority of the group’s employees are on long-term assignments “at the customer’s”. As a result, it is sometimes complicated to forge links between employees and bring a team spirit to life around the values of the company. Growing strongly, the Altera Group regularly integrates new recruits and strives to retain its employees in a market where competition is fierce and quality consultants are highly sought after.
In this context, the Altera Group leads a proactive internal communication policy punctuated by mobilizing events. The high point of these events: an annual 3-day seminar, during which employees and partners meet “outside the walls”. This takes place each year in January, and intends to take stock of the past months and launch the teams into the coming year. Each year, La Créative Boutique ensures the complete organization and accompanies each stage of the project, from the choice of the destination to the coordination of on-site activities during the stay.


Since its creation, ALTERA Group has organized an annual internal seminar bringing together employees and partners, with multiple objectives: to inform, thank, motivate. It is also a great time to integrate newcomers and familiarize them with the corporate culture.
For the first editions of this seminar, almost 15 years ago, the organization was created internally by the management team. As company grew, time ran out and ideas for destinations and activities dried up.

In 2016, the group decided to get assistance from a partner “event agency” to organize the 2017 edition of the seminar. In the minds of these skilled outsourcing experts, it was obvious that the involvement of an event professional could only be a “plus”. And over the course of the preparation, all the advantages of being accompanied by a professional became clear.

Which ones, you will tell me? A little patience… we’ll get there soon!


La Créative Boutique has supported the past 3 editions of the ALTERA Group annual seminar.


In 2017, the team traveld to Prague for a frosty stay under a -12 ° blue sky, discovering the beauties of the city of a hundred bridges. In January 2018, we went down south for an expedition Seville, with a final day under 20 ° and sun (quite a difference from Prague).


In 2019, Porto welcomed the Alterians, with a theme around photography and the adrenaline rush.


If the seminar setting is entirely coordinated by La Créative Boutique, the Alterians keep control of the informational content transmitted to the participants. Indeed, the seminar always includes 1 to 2 days of work, discussion and sharing around the results of the past year and the ambitions for the one to come. Workshop are set up by the consultants themselves to give teams a voice, listen to feedback and build the strategy together. It is an important moment of cohesion and integration for newcomers, who can thus immerse themselves in the culture of the company.


+ Optimization of preparation time
+ Reassurance of quality of venues and services selected
+ Better budget optimization
+ “Tailor-made” personalization of the seminar
+ On-site support to reassure and solve


Managing Director, partner of the ALTERA Group
Each year, you devote the time of your teams and a significant budget to the annual internal seminar. What strategic objectives are you addressing through this event?  
The challenge of our annual seminar is to reactivate the feeling of belonging to the Altera Group and to its uniqueness, its standards and its values.
In your opinion, what are the 3 main criteria for the success of your annual seminar?
An expert who secures the flawless progress of the project, the enthusiasm of the teams, the authenticity in relationships with others.
It’s been 3 years, soon 4, that you have trusted La Créative Boutique to support this seminar. What do you like about this collaboration?  
I work in total confidence with La Créative Boutique, as much on the choice of destinations, activity, entertainment, as on respecting budgets and defending our interests.