The CB Group Digital Tour

The CB Group Digital Tour

120 highly motivated participants for a hybrid internal convention

based near Boulogne sur Mer, is a major industrial player in mineral processing. The company’s executives, spread throughout the world, generally meet every three years for an internal convention for information, co-creation and conviviality.

The current sanitary context obliged those in charge of this project to imagine an alternative format to this highly anticipated traditional meeting. And it is with the help of the teams of La Créative Boutique and its partners that “Groupe CB Digital Tour” was born.

The format?

3 half days of convention based on an interactive platform, including 2 100% online sessions (each behind his screen), and 1 face-to-face session in small groups (4 groups of 25/30 people spread over different locations).

The content?

A highly rhythmic script to capture and hold attention, to ensure that the messages are heard and accepted. A TV show format with a host as the main theme, team-building activities, co-construction sequences, an awards ceremony, an inspiring surprise guest – Jean LeCam – to embody the company’s values.

La Creative Boutique was able to propose a programme that met the CB Group’s communication objectives, and surrounded itself with the appropriate partners for its implementation.

The employee experience?

Much more than a three-day hybrid convention, this Digital Tour was an experience to be lived over time for each manager: numerous activities and challenges beforehand, a photo challenge with a donation to an association (chosen by the participants), a gift box received at home, etc.

Co-construction was also at the heart of the preparation of this event, as a dedicated working group “got down to work” to guide many of the content choices that would be proposed at this event.

The technical side?

A real challenge taken up by many partner service providers: the broadcasting platform, the streaming filming team, the team-building activities and the co-construction tools. We had set the bar VERY high with a multitude of formats… adding a little stress during the lives…. Because if everything went according to plan, it wouldn’t be fun!

The satisfaction?

Good messages passed, good moments shared, memories that will remain, a real challenge taken up by the communication teams, a bit of frustration at not being able to get together… and an overall satisfaction score of more than 7/10 from the participants!

The agency’s intervention:

Proposal of the concept and general process
Selection of speakers and partners
Creation of the visual identity and communication tools
Advice and monitoring of the communication
Preparation of content and interventions
General logistical coordination
Presence at the filming and during the event.
Post-event feedback.

The little and BIG pluses :

Animation of an internal working group to create a tailor-made convention, active during the 4 months preceding the event.
A strong involvement of the CODIR to accompany the content of the event
The technical teams were very responsive in order to overcome the pitfalls. 1 major lesson: limit the number of platforms used as much as possible so as not to lose the participants!

Testimony of Céline, CB Group Communication Manager

“Very happy to have taken up the challenge of this GroupeCB Digital Tour with La Créative Boutique and all its/our partners! This seminar, with its innovative and ambitious format, was very rich in experiences: creativity of a great project team, innovative and sometimes capricious techniques, stress, mutual help, laughter and successes were on the agenda… A great adventure that took us to a new level in event organisation…”